Getting started:

  1. To attach the base plate, take the supplied flat screw and insert the plastic bush to the top.
  2. Insert the flat screw into the groove of your roof rack ensuring the bush stays above the roof rack and slide into the required position. Repeat this for the second flat screw.
  3. Next, take the aluminium base plate and peel the rubber padding off to reveal your attachment holes.
  4. Insert the bolts into the base plate and secure with the supplied fastening nuts until secure. A socket wrench can be used to assist with this.
  5. Next, re-insert the rubber padding to your base plate by simply pushing into place. You will know when it is seated properly when it clicks in and is flush with the base.
  6. You can now install your lockrack arms by simply releasing the locking pin by pulling, and sliding them into place until they click into position and are secure.
  7. Replace the rubber inserts on your roofrack (if equipped) once the Lockrack installation is complete.

For more information on how to install your Lockrack view the installation video shown below.